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Instant Replay® Tutor

An innovative approach using technology to help facilitate learning.

This educational system “levels the playing field” for learning. All students, regardless of geography, ethnicity or socio-economic level can become part of a classroom taught by the best instructors in America.

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Our Mission Statement is simple, but far-reaching:

To improve instructor teaching capabilities and student success rates by

incentivizing education using the efficiency and reach of Internet technology.

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A New Day in Education

Instant Replay® Tutor by EXCL in Education allows students to access lectures using a simple login (at home, in a school computer lab, etc.). This login allows students to download and view their instructors’ lectures. Who better to reinforce the lecture than the original lecturer themselves? However, if a student wants to view other participating instructors’ lectures, he can do that too.

Our Concept

Record classes, research and other education-related subjects and make them available through a dedicated online community. We offer students access to our system at a VERY low cost, allowing them to review their own teachers’ lessons, or another instructor in our database.

Students & teachers are NOT created equal

We wish to create a meritocracy in education and financially reward both teachers and students who “achieve” using our program. We will pay royalties to contributing instructors based on student usage and educational mastery of their content. The best teachers will earn greater royalties encouraging others to work harder to become “better”. When more instructors become competitive for royalties, more students will improve.


Teacher Rewards

Recordings of classes, lessons and reviews

Some instructors may record lessons in class (with the permission of participating school systems), while others will choose to record off-site. Our goal is for the best teachers to participate and profit from exceptional instruction, hard work and motivational skills. EXCL in Education wishes to reward those special teachers in direct proportion to their “gifts”

Student rewards

Participating students earn monetary rewards for improvement in the form of sports equipment, itune/mp3 download cards, ipods, computers, tablets and even personal scholarships. EXCL in Education believes that learning is the job of students, and we wish to reward those who, by their own efforts, take their job seriously.
It’s the objective of American education to prepare students to compete in the world. It’s time for American education to EXCL!

Today tutoring is an $11 Billion a year aftermarket business.

We can help large segments of the students utilizing tutoring today.


  • Students who pay for tutoring now will find that Instant Replay® Tutor can provide a real alternative to some or all of the money they are currently paying.
  • Students who pay for tutoring now and want to reinforce that learning. We offer the absolute best way for those who do go to private tutors to then come home and practice and re-enforce what they’ve learned by seeing their class a second time. Now, the tutor’s explanation, combined with the teacher’s explanation, is re-enforced.
  • Students who can’t afford to pay for tutoring. This is the best thing to come along for them – low cost access to multiple lessons on their subjects. Now they can compete with the students whose parents can afford high-priced tutors. Now they’ll have that sense of accomplishment and self-esteem that they missed because they were ashamed of, or embarrassed by, what they didn’t understand.
  • Instant Replay ®Tutor by EXCL in Education  doesn’t try to eliminate tutoring. It’s not the ‘only’ answer for every learning problem. It is, however, an alternative that enhances the student’s ability to learn at a significantly lower cost than tutoring.